Summer is slowly slowly (whispers) coming to the party! We're creeping back up into high double digits with the weather and at Mob we are loving the Vitamin D top up.

Vitamin D is an umbrella term for Vitamin D3 (mainly from the sunshine) and vitamin D2 (from things like mushrooms, oily fish & fortified products). Both D3 & D2 get converted into Vitamin D. However D2 is converted a little less efficiently than D3. Even more reason to get out in the sun this weekend! Cool benefits of Vitamin D:

1. Big links between Vitamin D and depression, which kind of makes sense to us. The sunshine can do awesome things for your mood, especially if you're feeling low, get outside in the sun and boost your Vit D!

2. Vitamin D boosts the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which helps brain cells grow. You can think of BDNF as fertiliser for your brain.

3. Vitamin D is really important for bone health, especially important for proper Calcium absorption. Without enough of it Calcium leaches out of bones, meaning weaker bones, leading to things like rickets & osteoporosis. Especially important as we get older.

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