By Jonny Say

Mob's Mindfulness coach, Jonny Say delivers fantastic workshops on Managing & Reframing Stress; with the second national lockdown impending, he has kindly shared aspects from his 3 pillars of stress resilience with us.

 1) Connection to meaning and purpose in our work and other activities.

Try asking yourself:

- Why am I doing what I am doing?
- What are my values? (If you struggle with this, think of what qualities you admire in other people, often this reflects your values)
- What core values am I reflecting in my work and actions?
- What goals am I working towards, and are these in line with my values?

ACTION: Set yourself a goal that is in line with your values for this week

2) Social connections - both the relationships at work and outside of it.

Try asking yourself:

- Who are my friends/family where I have no(or very few) 'walls'? (i.e. where I can be completely myself with them, warts and all.)
- Who are my other close connections and how do they support me? Are they great for advice? Are they great emotional support?
- Which of my friends might be struggling at the moment?

ACTION: Reach out to someone who supports you and let them know you appreciate them, and check up on someone who you think might be struggling at the moment.

3) Lifestyle supports - These are our habits, actions, activities and routines that sustain us, particularly the key aspects: sleep, diet, exercise, time in nature/outdoors and play.

Try asking yourself:

- How well am I managing in the key aspects of lifestyle support? 
- What could I do to improve in each of the key areas?

ACTION: Pick one of the key areas, and choose an action you could schedule for the week ahead that will support you. Perhaps some exercise outdoors, an earlier bedtime, or a healthy food shop!

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