A lot of us seem to struggle with tight hamstrings or not being able to touch our toes.

There are a million and one different hamstring stretches, but this could be one of the most effective (and unique) we've come across from coach Tanya, who first introduced it to us on her weekly mobility class.

The secret is in our feet.

Why it works

Essentially we are causing a reaction in the part of our connective tissue system known as the myofascia, which separates and contains every muscle and organ in the body.

The myofascia of the bottom of our feet (known as plantar fascia) is connected directly to the myofascia in our calves and hamstrings which is why loosening the start of this chain will have an effect upstream!

Give it a go and see the improvement!

How to do it:

1. Start by doing a forward fold, keeping the legs as straight as you can. Take a mental note of where you can reach to. Shin, ankles, hands touching the floor.

2. Using a ball (tennis, lacrosse or golf balls are good), keep your heel on the floor and roll your mid foot across the ball, gently apply pressure. Slow and steady is better than quick and erratic.

3. Next take the heel off the floor and gently roll the ball forwards and backwards across the ball, being sure to stop at any particularly sticky point and apply gentle pressure.

4. Use the ball to stretch the toes especially your big toe. You may want to prop it against a wall so it doesn't slide out away from you!

5. Re-test your forward fold, and you should see a noticeable improvement!

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