By Mark Briant

We all know we should probably stretch a bit more, but often it falls way down our list of priorities and might not even make our ‘to-do’ list. Usually, there’s something, anything, else we’d rather do.

When I'm feeling a bit lazy, but also know that I really need to stretch, I use a workout concept, the EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute).

I'll pick about 10 stretches in total, some intense ones in areas that I feel like I need to really loosen up in, alongside some quite passive stretches. Then I set up an interval timer, one like this, for 1-minute intervals. 

I’ll then find something I want to watch on TV (usually Gossip Girl) and then set the timer for however long the show is. I hit start on the timer and play on the TV and then every minute a little alarm goes off reminding me to switch stretches.

The mind distracts so easily and before you know it you’ve nailed season 2 of your favourite show AND got a load of extra stretches in!

If you’re struggling for ideas try out my recent 30 min stretch EMOM in the video below!

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