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Recommended by Rob Smith

I often get asked what is the best kit for training at home. My answer is usually dependant on what type of training the person prefers and how long they have been training for, however there are two purchases I think give you a pretty comprehensive set up at home, and the potential exercises you can do with them are endless. I advise nearly all my clients to invest in the following:

1. Adjustable Dumbbells - £32.99

Yes, dumbbells win over kettlebells in my opinion.


Well, an adjustable dumbbell set has a lot more weight variations than two kettlebells.

With THIS SET I found on Argos, I can use two dumbells of 1.25kg (just the bar) or increase the weight to be 10kg each. Alternatively, I could just use one dumbbell for 12.5, 15, 17.5 or 20kg.

Don't get me wrong, Kettlebells have an awesome array of unique moves, however these can be tricky for some people to learn with good form from home, without guidance from a trainer.

You can get really quite strong using this set with the right selection of exercises!

2. Loop Resistance Bands - £18.99

THESE BAD BOYS are amazing (the product, not the brand)

You will rarely see a personal trainer in a gym these days without the red band slung over their shoulder.

They can be used for all things from mobility drills, activation exercises, stretches, and resistance exercises. They are also commonly used looped over a pull-up bar and placed under a clients foot to assist with pull-ups.

Furthermore, if you have a set of dumbbells, you can easily use them in conjunction to make the exercise even harder!

3. OddBox
Recommended by Alex Grimshaw

Fresh fruits and veggies straight to your door what more is there to say!!

But even better, OddBox sends 'Odd' shaped fruits and veggies that don't make the cut for many supermarkets, but are just as tasty and nutritious as all the others. So you can enjoy these whilst also helping to lower food waste!


4. Headspace App
Recommended by Kirsty Wall

I've been loving using Headspace, the meditation app.

The sessions range from 5 minutes - 1 hour depending on your time.

I try to do 10 minutes when I wake up to set me for the day and also when I'm struggling to sleep, they do sleep sessions which are great to help clear the mind!


5. The Happiness Trap - by Russ Harris
Recommended by Jonny Say

This is always my number one book recommendation.

It is the simplest, clearest, most useful summary of why our evolution and history sets us up to suffer and the paradoxical ways to overcome this!

Link to Buy 

6. Veg in One Bed - by Huw Richards
Recommended by Mark Braint

This is a pretty good starting place for people that find their gardening relaxing, or if you are looking for a simple way to get started!

Link to Buy

Well there we go! 

We hope there are some useful recommendations in here for you, if you have any good ones for us, please do send them through to mob@mobfit.uk and we can check them out and maybe include in the next edition!


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