By Rob Smith

Whilst working from home, many people have found that their activity level has reduced.

Think of all the movement associated with commuting and being at work: you might walk to the bus stop, change platforms on the tube, walk the remaining distance to the office, or walking up and down the stairs to go to the loo at work, all this is contributing to your NEAT.

NEAT is 'non-exercise activity thermogenesis', which is basically any movement other than exercise that contributes to your daily caloric burn.

It can be easy when working from home to unintentionally reduce your NEAT, and this can lead to gradual weight gain, but more importantly, can lead to structural tightness in your body, when it is simply not moving in one of the most natural ways the body can move: walking.

Now we are in the winter months, it is important to be even more cognisant of your movement levels. Planning some walking into your day can really help with weight management, mood improvement and having a better functioning body.

Why not try a 'fake commute'?

Before you start work, get out and walk for 15 minutes or more. Go as fast as you want but obviously the more ground you cover the more benefits you are getting.

And you guessed it... as soon as you finish work, get out and do another 15 minutes!

Why not use it as a chance to ring a family member or friend? Or listen to an audiobook or favourite podcast, or tune in to Morning Mindset on MobGroup Live!  You may just want to zone out and get lost in your thoughts, whatever you choose, it will benefit you more than just sitting at home.

And one final beat of the drum.. this will act as a great anchor to your day, a divider between one state and another. Work & Home can become merged if we are not careful, and this isn't good for us, or those we live with.

I will be getting out and doing 2 x 15 mins fake commute this week and posting on our Instagram to prove it, why not join us and tag and hashtag #fakecommute !

Start tonight!

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