Recently I've been brushing up on some of the best foods & habits for a hangover. Mainly because mine have been terrible but also because we cover this is in quite a lot of detail on our MobFit 4 Week Nutrition Course. So here are some of the top things you can do or eat to help metabolise the alcohol from your system as soon as possible and get rid of that thumping head:

• Asparagus - Not just handy for making your pee smell, asparagus is full of sulfur which helps to break down the alcohol in your system but also has been shown to protect the liver cells when we've had a big night out. It also contains lots of good nutrients which improve enzyme function and essentially help get rid of that hangover quicker. Next time you're at a hungover brunch see if they can add some asapargus on the side!
• Water + Citrus - A big part of feeling hungover is actually being deyhdrated which contributes to the sore head. Hydration and getting lots of water back on board is important, but combining this with some citrus fruit like a wedge of lemon or some grapefruit, provides a nice little hit of bioflavonoids. Things like hesperidin, which is known to help prevent damage to the liver as well as speed up the elimination of toxins.

• Probiotic foods - Things like kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha all contain really good bacteria strains which protect both your gut and liver from the effects of alcohol but they will also help when getting rid of it from your system. Another top reason to include fermented foods in your daily diet for when the hangover strikes the good guys are there to help!

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