By Mark Briant

Each and every year brings with it a new food trend, the latest food to fall into the category of 'superfood'.

We've had goji berries to help fix your financial woes, celery juice to help cleanse the soul, pomegranates for prosperity, and chia seeds to help with your gut health. But are superfoods a thing and should we be consuming more of them?

The truth is many of these foods have fantastic health properties, but usually in relatively low quantities. The claims around their supernatural qualities tend to originate in the laboratories they are tested in, where they are tested at very high concentrations that would be extremely hard to replicate in humans. At these concentrations they do show amazing, 'super', benefits, but in real life, you'd have to eat A LOT of goji berries to get the benefits. 

That being said rarely are these things bad for us, in fact, in many cases, they are good for us. But bad for our wallet. They become easy to market and easy to jack up the price. And most of the time they really aren't worth the extra cost.

Here are some of my real superfoods:

  • Kimchi & Kefir - Both of these bad boys are packed full of proper good bacteria which benefit our guts and health. With all that has gone on this year and super sterile conditions, our guts could do with a helping hand. Try kimchi with your scrambled eggs (trust me) or Kefir with your morning granola. Interested in learning more about pre/probiotics check out our IGTV vids here or for homemade kimchi click here.
  • Cruciferous Vegetables - This is just a fancy word for a group of veg that includes broccoli, Brussel sprouts, chard, kale, cabbage and bok choi. This group of veg have been shown to have powerful anti-cancer properties.
  • The Holy Trinity - 3 ingredients I would regularly use during the winter months are garlic, ginger & turmeric. Try and get the fresh versions of each, blitz them up with a little honey, lemon juice & black pepper for a homemade immune-boosting shot.

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