By Mark Briant

Apologies for that. Moving on. For people exercising, protein intake is an important consideration. Getting enough in your diets is important. Whether you're trying to build or maintain muscle (toning, leaning up, general maintenance, whatever you want to call it) or recover quicker from the dreaded DOMs, protein is your friend. 

But to take it one step further there is a specific amino acid, the building blocks of protein, which seems to hold the key to all of those aforementioned benefits. One that is often overlooked.

Leucine is the big daddy key amino acid we're looking for and one of the key things to consider when people talk about 'a good quality protein source'. Leucine essentially fires up the biological pathways needed to create muscle, quicker and more efficiently than it's other amino acid chums. Meaning if you want to maximize your results it's important to get foods rich in leucine in your diet regularly. Leucine content also appears important for holding on to muscle mass as we age, particularly for men.

And drum roll are your top leucine-rich foods:

  • Chicken (specifically chicken leg)
  • Tuna
  • Beef skirt steak
  • Firm Tofu
  • Haricot beans/Soy Beans/Any canned beans

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