When you pack your tiny bag with water, food, blister plasters and loo roll for yet another 3+ hour run, knowing you will spend the rest of the day aching and then will wake up to do the same thing tomorrow with tired legs, it makes you question why you are doing this.

For 5 years at school I could barely run due to an unexplained imbalance which caused me to walk with a pretty severe limp. It would be bad for a few months, then randomly go away for just enough time to do a few rugby training sessions, then it would rear it’s ugly head again, usually on game day. I remember multiple occasions having to sub myself out of a match because my leg would suddenly ‘go’.

My parents were kind enough to send me to chiropractors, osteopaths, podiatrists, sports masseuses, the lot, and occasionally I would get minor relief but it would always return.

Eventually, after 8 years of having the limp in some form or another, it left and has never come back.

Now, when I run, I often feel very grateful to be able to run at all. I think that is what keeps me going and helps me to enjoy it even in that 3rd or 4th hour. Why run? Because I can.

Major recent training runs of note:

40km Cornwall Coastal Path - Trevose to Newquay and back.

This was my first long run in Vivo Barefoot running shoes. I didn’t realise they came with insoles as well,

 which I didn’t put in, so the rocky paths were quite sore under foot. However, whenever there was a nice

grassy section, it was awesome. When you run with such amazing scenery, the run goes quick! Iced my feet straight after which helped a lot.

60km over 3 days in Southwold / Suffolk

Day 1 - Trail & Road 20km

Day 2 - Beach 10km

Day 3 - Trail 30km

Day 3 - Well it started off beautifully across the coastal paths of Suffolk, heading south from Southwold. However after about 18km the path which I had planned using the OS Maps app (amazing app) became very hard to run in. Completely overgrown with nettles and poor underfoot so I had to take it slow! A bug flew straight in my eye, which I couldn’t get out whilst it continued to sting me. That was fun! Fell over a bunch of times. It was a good mental test, ending with a swim in the sea, which was needed.


60km over 2 days

Day 1 - Thames Path to Greenwich 33km

Day 2 - Kent Countryside Road & Trail 27km

The Thames path run was on that really hot Saturday in London where it reached 34 degrees. I set off fairly early but the heat started to kick in around 11am. All I could think about was jumping in the Thames. Lucky I had bought a new hat for running in the sun. Safety & Style 😉 I got back and crashed...

As we close in on the final month or so, we look forward to the recce of the route, where we will drive up to decide on the final 100mile route across England. This, I am sure, will make it seem far more real, and it will give us a sense of what the distance really is….


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