We’re Mark & Rob and together we run MobFit. We help companies and their people get fitter, healthier and ultimately happier (we hope!). Before we go any further though let’s rewind a few steps and years. The two of us met whilst at the University of Manchester, sharing a love for rugby, heavy socialising and deadlifting. Along with another friend we set up a rugby team and led them to campus league glory. We had talked very vaguely and briefly about running a gym together amongst other things, but once uni had finished reality set in and we went our separate ways, both intent on climbing the career ladder in the City. Rob set up his own recruitment firm and Mark settled into life at JP Morgan (a natural next step having studied Zoology!) and made quite the name for himself (ahem) for his healthy office breakfasts. Certain things remained from university life though; keeping fit & healthy and socialising regularly were ever present for both of us, and we didn't want to let either slip.

A few years passed, and one day, whilst both ‘working hard’, we exchanged messages on LinkedIn, sharing frustrations about our current jobs and dreaming of the sweet release of retirement. We met up for a healthy breakfast, of course, and began throwing ideas around, not really sure of how we could make it work. However the seed had been planted, and soon we were plotting and planning our respective escape routes, unsure yet of what the end goal looked like. We had both continued playing rugby post uni, but a series of concussions for both of us had meant we had to cut short our respective playing careers. And suddenly there was a huge void in our lives, a void that had previously been filled with regular training sessions and socials with team mates. So borne out of a continued desire to get somewhere near the high of being on a rugby pitch, the two of us began entering events and training more and more together. At the same time Rob enrolled on a Personal Training course and Mark went back to Nutrition school, both alongside their 9-5’s.

Once qualified we had both began running the odd group fitness class and taking on a few personal training and nutrition clients, and we were loving it.

Out of the blue one of our friends, who knew we were both in the early stages of setting something up, got in touch to say the company he worked for were looking for a new fitness instructor to take a regular weekly class, and did we want to come in for a trial. We were both in full times jobs, fitting in our existing fitness classes before or after work, and the trial was in the middle of the day, what do we do now?! Mark pulled a sickie (apologies to any former bosses out there reading this) and Rob swerved the clients for an afternoon and off we popped to the trial... and we got it. We had secured our first long term retained client and things began to snowball. We managed to juggle our full time jobs and the lunch time fitness classes for a few months (mainly thanks to Rob swapping the suit for his gym shorts twice a week) with Mark picking up the evening classes. Word got out and we began speaking to other companies about how we could help them with similar solutions, and by March this year we were at a decision point; time to take the plunge. Rob wrapped up the recruitment business, and Mark handed in his notice shortly after. Initial excitement and giddiness were soon replaced by nerves and the inevitable last looks at a healthy bank balance. As of Monday 10th April we were both full time in the Mob (not the bad kind). Since then our list of clients has been steadily growing and we’re both without doubt 100% happy with our decisions.

We’ve branched out a little since the early days (I guess technically we’re still in the early days), and we do a lot more than just our main offering, fitness classes. We provide a host of things from yoga classes, nutrition coffee mornings, on-site massage and Mark is even a qualified Work Station Assessor (sexy stuff!). This first post is to introduce ourselves a little, who we are and what we do, but we’re looking to make this a regular thing. We’ll be posting a range of things from top food hacks in the office, short & sharp lunchtime workouts and other things we think will help you stay fit, healthy & happy in and out of work.

Having both worked the busy office lifestyle in our early 20’s we understand how exercise and health can take a backseat. Our mission now is to provide convenient health solutions for time poor employees.

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Mark & Rob

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