With gyms reopening this Saturday, we wanted to share three of our favourite London gyms!

Gymbox Elephant & Castle


Both Mark and I were members at one of the mainstream gym franchises and were becoming increasingly frustrated by the limited equipment. At the time we were getting into CrossFit & martial arts which often requires more space.

We started researching other options, and came across Gymbox.

All Gymbox’s have an area for ‘functional fitness’ and also a designated martial arts area ranging from boxing rings to grappling mats. Alongside these more specialist areas, they also have a great range of fitness equipment. What really sets them apart though is the nightclub-esque interiors, live DJs in the evenings, and their range of quirky classes to suit all tastes!

Join Gymbox if:

You like high energy environments

You want to learn a martial art but also want a gym membership

You like combining your own gym training with attending classes


The Foundry, Vauxhall

The Foundry

One of London’s leading class only gyms, The Foundry has grown quite quickly over the past few years from their flagship location in Vauxhall, to now having great facilities in Old Street and most recently, Bank.

They did an amazing job in making strongman training more accessible to the public with their ‘City Strongman’ class. Strongman exercises such as Atlas Stones, Log Press and Tyre Flips were incorporated into traditional fitness circuit structures allowing people to try these moves in a fun and fast moving format. They have other classes that are more cardio based, and also a relatively new class called 'Combine' where each class is a team-based fitness competition, all friendly of course, with the winners taking home a smoothie each!

The majority of the coaches are ex sport or military so are not afraid to shout some orders at you if required, whilst at the same time making you feel completely at home and included, even if it is your first class.

They also provide semi-private personal training, so you can team up with a few friends and get the benefits of personal training at a lower price. Good idea.

Join The Foundry if:

You want to get strong.

You like team sport.

You hate posers.


Lift - The Movement, Shoreditch

Lift - The Movement

Possibly London’s most beautiful fitness space (I know weird to say about a gym, actually maybe it isn’t a 'gym'?) 

Lift was founded by two gents who were passionate about movement, anatomy, gymnastics and all things in between, they draw influence from a number of different movement methodologies, and when combined with their stylishly minimalist space, they produce a truly unique fitness experience.

With classes that aim to help you ‘undo desk-damage’ and also allow your body to move in the way it was designed to, you will find by going to their classes that you start to un-f*ck yourself, whilst also learning cool stuff like hand stands and ring muscle ups!

Oh, they also provide no-gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu, cus why not?!

Join Lift if:

You want to learn more about your own body and how to fix it

You like light and airy spaces

You want to try a different approach to fitness


Mark, Rob & Alex trying out Lift

Keep an eye out for our upcoming content on how to optimise your workouts in a gym with limited use of equipment whilst social distancing measures are in place!

Think we have missed one out? Let us know and we will go check it out! mob@mob.group

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