Concluding our client spotlight on Stress Awareness Month, we chatted to Jag, a MobFit class veteran and previous winner of the Mob Of The Month Award, who shares his advice on how he manages stress with a young family and fast-paced work life...

"I am a solution architect working with the Paymentsense software engineering team. If I have lost you there, let me have another go... basically I design and code software. My days are filled with talking to a lot of people to figure out what the best way is to technically tackle a challenge. Our industry is very fast paced and to be honest, can get a little stressful at times!
Having a young family and working with a fast paced tech team at Paymentsense is overwhelming at best of times, so it is very important to maintain the balance and keep your head above the water.  Here are some ways I deal with it:
Physical Exercise
Doing some form of exercise everyday is good for us, but one of the biggest benefits I get from it is the moral boost. Especially when you do a group class like MobFit; It re-energies me both mentally and physically to face the day and I love it 🙂
Being a kid
I love playing with my two year old. Just following his lead to build some blocks or running around in the garden can give me that boost and literally washes away my worries for the day (I know it is very cheesy but it is true!).
Taking time out for yourself
Sometimes, just a silent walk during my lunch break gives me the time to think about the day and enjoy my surroundings. It is a difficult thing to achieve, but can be practiced to clear your head and become more aware of yourself. Now with greater awareness for mindfulness in the profession, it is not a hippie practice anymore!

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