by Beth Allcock, Pilates teacher for MobGroup Live.

Everyone has different coping mechanisms and calming tools should a bout of anxiety & panic happen, & each one will be personal to the individual so there’s totally no right or wrong tools! I thought I’d share my two top tips for mental health awareness week, in case they were of help to others, & they’re super easy to do.

When an anxiety bout hits me it’s all consuming and my thoughts are frazzled and 100 mile per hour, I find lighting my WoodWick burner candle and sitting near to the crackling flame so helps calm my mind. The candles have the sound of gently burning wood when the flames are lit, so there’s soft noise to drown out the incessant anxious thoughts. They smell great too!

While I’m on my sofa listening to it I try to practise simple Pilates Hundreds breathing. I close my eyes & inhale for a count of five seconds, making sure to breathe deep and wide into my ribcage. I then exhale deeply through my mouth for that same count of five, feeling my ribcage soften and fall. I try to do a few reps until the anxiety eases. Hope that helps!


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