by Bernadette Keogh

After attending a great Morning Mindset session on MobGroup Live, led by Bernadette, we thought we would share some of the pointers she gave for cultivating progress and positivity at work!

'Happiness lies in the joy of achievement, and the thrill of creative effort.'

Franklin D Rosevelt

 1. Emphasise results by making them visible - Whether that is on the wall of the office, or an online noticeboard on the intranet, emphasising the positive results and the progress people are making, will have a great effect on positivity and progress at work.

2. Utilise Your Talents - When we are assigned a task which allows us to fully utilise their talents, we feel happier, have less tension, feel healthier and have more energy. Playing to our strengths, and utilising our talents is a powerful element to help us feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction in work. Take a moment to reflect on where your talents lie, what are your strengths, and are you utilising them at work?

'Spend more time smiling than frowning, and more time praising than criticising.'

Richard Branson

3. Focus on the positives - Take a moment now to write down five things that made your week. Five things that went well, that you are proud of, you enjoyed, or you are grateful for.

4. Choose conversations to avoid - Remember you have a choice whether to engage in negative conversations at work. When people are moaning or talking negatively about someone else, it does not help us to join those conversations and only serves to increase the negativity.

5. Start meetings with successes - We are often employed to solve problems, however, starting meetings by quickly mentioning problems we have successfully solved is a great way to add some positivity to a potentially challenging meeting. Give recognition, celebrate something that has gone well, give 'kudos' to someone who has earnt it.
You can also end the meeting with what you are looking forward to in the upcoming week!

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