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“I was really worried heading into lockdown what I was going to do with myself as I had been furloughed but thanks to MobGroup I am in a great place with my mental health and coming out of lockdown I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life.”

Will HammondMobGroup Live Member

Giving you the tools to optimise your wellness

30 - 45 minute Online Fitness Classes


Join our top class coaches as they help you move, sweat, stretch, strengthen and breathe!

With classes ranging from Full Body HIIT, Hatha Yoga, Pilates, Strength & Power, Mobility Lunch Break and even Boxing, there is something for everyone, whether you are an absolute beginner, or a fitness pro.

Join your colleagues as they log on to exercise at the same time, or book it in with a friend, knowing you are both in the workout together!


Mental Wellbeing & Productivity Sessions


Lower levels of human connection, less routine, and concentrating on work in the space you usually relate to relaxation can all be a challenge.

Furthermore, if we are honest with ourselves, often those days are not as productive!

We called upon our mindfulness coaches Jonny Say and Berni Keogh to create a new concept that we think will really help those working from home.

Every morning at 8:45, clients will be able to join Jonny for a live streamed 15 minute practice that combines elements of mindfulness and mental focus techniques, to get you in a positive and productive mindset for your day working from home.

Every Thursday


Learn to cook amazing dishes LIVE with Mark!

Recipe books are sooo 2019! Join Mark on Thursday evenings at 18:30 to cook a dish you are proud to serve to the family! (or just gobble up yourself)

We'll send out the recipes in the weekly email to give you time to get the ingredients in and there'll always be alternatives if you can't quite find the right ingredient.

We'll even throw in the off Pub Quiz question here and there!

Every Thursday at 6.30pm for 1 hour.

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07780705396 - Rob


Support your teams' mental and physical health whilst they work from home!

If you are interested in gaining access to these services for your team, please fill in the contact form to the right, or email Rob (rob@mobfit.uk) or Mark (mark@mobfit.uk)

Also, phones are still working, so we would also love to have a chat! Let us know a convenient time on email and we will give you a call.

You can reach Rob on 07780705396, or Mark on 07927301059