By Chloe Bingham

I am not 100% motivated all the time - that’s normal! There are times when getting myself to the gym feels like serious hard work - however I am learning now to stop giving myself such a hard time about it. Here are some tools that I use to help tackle this:  

  1. Have a plan - If I have a plan, I am more likely to stick to it. If you know the gym is busy on a Monday evening, make sure you’ve factored this into your plan. I would usually find a space to stay for the whole session and use as little equipment as possible to avoid disappointment. If you’re not sure how to plan a workout, ask someone who does! 
  2. Why am I not motivated? I try and figure this out and either decide it’s best for my body & mental health to leave it for the day, or decide to push it through it and get it done. Even if just a quick one. Some things to ask yourself: 
    -Am I hormonal? (I highly recommend tracking your hormones over the month to learn how much this can affect your desire to exercise!)
    - Am I bored of the gym/exercises?
    - Is my body exhausted? Am I super low energy? If so, why? Did I eat enough yesterday? Did I sleep enough last night? 
  3. Move my body in ways that I enjoy - Instead of forcing it do “leg day” if I really don’t want to. Perhaps that will just be going for a walk and getting some air, going for a run outdoors, some skipping, going for a swim, deadlifting as much weight as you can, or maybe it’s slamming a medicine ball as hard as you possibly can into the ground! You pick! 
  4. Setting a timer is my absolute hero - When I’m lacking motivation, but know I need a good sweat session, I set myself a timer & challenge. Usually, an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) works really well for me in this situation. Have the timer in front of you, set it for the time required and complete the set number of reps before the minute is up. The faster you complete the exercise(s), the more rest you get before the next minute starts. BUT, you don’t want to burn out in the first round! 

Here is one you can try if you need a little nudge. It’s full body and you have no excuse for long rest periods! You just have to get it done! 

It doesn’t need to be complicated! Just move your body! It’s also important to note that if you’re not feeling it that day, that’s okay. Try again tomorrow and get back into the swing of things.  

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